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Environmentally Friendly, Readily Biodegradable, Phosphate Free, Non-Chalking


is an excellent cleaning product that will dramatically reduce cleaning time on all your fun machines. Tough stains and spots, mud, dirt, grease, sand and general grime can now be easily washed away without brushing or scrubbing. This product is more than just a "soap." XTC MX / ATV Wash contains three essential ingredients: a washing compound used for cleaning, a wax compound used for shine and Mud Guard used as a shielding agent that allows mud and other debris to be easily removed on your next wash. XTC MX / ATV Wash is biodegradable and non-corrosive. This product will not attack anodized or aluminum parts. It is safe on all MX / ATV surfaces and will not leave your MX / ATV looking dried out.


Clean vehicle after allowing time to cool. Rinse vehicle of heav mud and debris. Spray MX ATV Wash over entire vehicle and allow to penetrate for 2 to 4 minutes. Rinse vehicle completely with adequate water pressure.

Other Great Uses for Our MX/ATV Wash Our MX / ATV Wash product can be used in many differernt areas and in many different applications. We have listed a few here to give you an idea about other uses for MX / ATV Wash.

Specific to powersports uses for cleaning:

1. Protective Gear – boots, chest protectors, helmets, goggles, yes goggles especially at removing stains off the band, it will not harm the lens.

2. Riding Gear - clothing great spot remover on pants, gloves and jerseys.

3. Trailers – inside and out 4. RVs – inside and out, really good at removing all the splattered bugs off the front, the Wash is paint and clear coat safe. Great at removing black streaks. Our Mud Guard product also helps keep black streak away long when applied after cleaning with MX / ATV Wash.

Specific to General Interior Household Cleaning:

1. Carpets – great spot remover and overall general carpet cleaner.

2. Linoleum – great in cleaning dirt, grime, marks, lifts them right off.

3. Bathrooms – great for cleaning showers, toilets, tubs, really removes soap scum and cleans grout in tile floors.

4. Fabrics – great spot remover on drapery and furniture.

5. Clothes – spray on spots on clothing and place in washer.

6. Kitchens – works great in cleaning stoves, pans under stove eyelets which are usually ceramic coated, counter tops, cabinet surfaces.

Specific to autos:

1. Tires – works great at cleaning tires and rims, wheel wells.

2. Engine – removing gunk and debris off engine, spray and hose off.

3. Auto Interior – carpets, cloth or leather seats, spot removing, vinyl.

Specific to General Exterior Household Cleaning:

1. Lawn Care Equipment – mowers push or riding, weed eaters, tractors, outdoor tools rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, leaf blowers.

2. Utility Vehicles – golf carts, buggies, off road utility vehicles.

3. Patio Furniture – removes most grime, weather buildup.

4. Exterior of Houses – works pretty well in cleaning painted aluminum gutters and vinyl siding.

5. Planting Pots – outdoor pots used for planting flowers, plastic, ceramic, clay.

MX / ATV Wash can also be used on go-karts, bicycles and 4x4 trucks and jeeps. It's also great at cleaning sporting equipment balls, football protective gear and baseball protective gear.

The XTC MX / ATV Wash is very versatile and can be used for many applications. MX / ATV Wash is readily biodegradable, phosphate free, environmentally friendly, non-chalking and non-corrosive. It is most effective when the product is rinsed off or wiped with a damp cloth after use.

XTC MX / ATV Wash is ready to use as is at 100% strength. It also can be diluted in ratios as far as 5:1 with water.


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