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X-Tream Clean XTC Brake Clean

 X-Tream Clean XTC Brake Clean is a multi-purpose solvent aerosol cleaner that dries quick, leaves no film, safe on cured paint and CFC free. Brake Clean is specially formulated using virgin solvents and will not leave behind an oily film or stain fabric. The versatile formulation can be used in boby shops, prep departments and service and parts departments. Safe for use on all metal parts, brake components, carburetors, sparkplugs, gear boxes and fabrics. Dissolves grease and oil with ease as well as undercoat and tar.


Spray Brake Clean generously over entire effected areas. Spray liberally until part is cleaned. Cleaned part will air dry in a few minutes leaving a clean dry surface. Drying can be hastened by dabbing with a clean absorbent cloth. Since this product is flammable do not spray on hot surfaces or near sparks or open flames. No rinsing required. Let Brake Clean do all the work for you. Spray on, wipe off. Spray, Wipe, Dry, Ride……………What could be more simple?

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